Wine Making Techniques

In the fall, it is crush time. The grapes are harvested.

Here at Château Du Parc when we go to harvest we hand pick our grapes. We select only the grapes that produce the highest quality wine that reflects the true essence of the Appellation Saint Émilion Grand Cru Contrôlée.

After fermentation that lasts between 7 and 10 days we age our wines in smaller oak vats this allows our wine to slowly mature with slight influences of the oak. Château Du Parc ages in oak between 14 to 18 months then aged 1 year in the bottle minimum. We blend our wine from both newer oak and older oak influences to produce a well-balanced full flavored Bordeaux wine that can be enjoyed within 3 years of vintage or aged for 12 to 15 years.

Our suggestion is to serve Château Du Parc at 65 degrees and open for a minimum of 45 minutes. Best enjoyed after it has been decanter with sharp cheeses, red meat, succulent duck or a fine cigar.